Precision Pistol Box



M) 4 Gun Deluxe (with back door)


The 4 Gun Deluxe Competition Shooting Box is our premier case.

I'll answer the question, "Why are these so expensive?," right here.  The reason the 4-Gun with Back Door is so expensive is because of the Back Door.  It takes over an hour to fit the door properly, sometimes longer.  It has to be parallel, and it has to have a perfect gap, AND, a slight angle to the top edge or it looks terrible.  Add in the time putting the on the hinges without them altering the gap or parallelism and then masking the hinges prior to coating.  After that, fit the interior adds up.

- Measures 18" long x 15" high x 9" deep.

-Will accept all pistols with barrel lengths up to approximately 10 inches.

-Weighs 14 pounds.

-Three magazine and accessory magnets are included. One is mounted across the unused space near the bottom of the open lid, and one each on either side of the interior of the box. The lid magnet is 17 1/2" long and 3" wide. The side magnets are 6" long and 3" wide.

-Carrying strap included, and hardware already installed.

-Felt covered tray fingers.

-Felt covered tray and front ammo storage area.

-Lockable (2 keys provided)

-Rugged construction of cabinet-grade birch plywood

-Durable exterior Stoneguard coating for long life.

-Rear ammo/accessories storage area.

-Nickel plated luggage quality hardware

Clear or black interior?

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