Precision Pistol Box



F) 3 Gun Deluxe


This is our premium 3 Gun Competition Pistol Case. It measures 18" wide by 15" tall by 8" deep. Weighs 11-12 pounds empty.

- Includes 3 magazine/accessory magnets. One magnet is mounted across the inside of the door, 3" x 17." Two others are mounted on either side of the case above the gun tray. (See photos)

- Linex coated exterior for durability.

- Nickel-plated strap loops are included.  CARRYING STRAP IS NOT INCLUDED.  We recommend Home Depot carrying straps at this time.

- Recessed lugguage-style strap carrying handle.

- Concealed door hinge.

- Felt-lined bottom ammunition area, felt-lined bottom tray area.

- Nickel-plated corner bases.

- Nickel-plated, rounded metal feet to keep case clear of bench.

- Capable of carrying 4 or more boxes of .45 ACP ammo and 8 or more boxes of .22 LR ammo under tray area.

We recommend the Gil Hebard scope mount for this box. (Not included)


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