Precision Pistol Box



A) 2 Gun Pistol box (Deep Model) Pachmayr-Style


Based on customer requests for a deeper 2-Gun Box, this is the Deep Model. This box is 14 1/2" wide by 8" deep by 15" tall. It weighs 7 1/2 pounds. It will accept all pistols with barrels up to 8" inches in length. (For a longer barreled version of this box, please contact me directly) It is available in either right-hand or left-hand versions.

It is important that we know the height of your pistol and the diameter of your scope when you order. Folks that shoot frame-mounted scopes or European pistols tend to have height requirements on order of about 8", thus measure your pistol with the barrel parallel with the measuring surface and include that figure in your order information. That way we can fit the tray to the perfect height for your particular pistol.

For those shooters with Orthopedic Grips, like Rink's, Herrett,s, or Vitarbo's, the tray and fingers are slightly different to allow for the greater width of the grip base. In this tray, there is no front storage area, and the fingers are twice as wide. This prevents the guns from touching each other. Please make note of this when ordering.

Customers have asked for a box that has:

1) A storage area in front of the guntray in order to store oil, pasters, etc.

2) A wider base to be more stable in the wind.

3) Deep enough to take 4 boxes of .45 and 4 boxes of .22.

4) An ability to store a compact scope inside the box without taking off the Hebard Mount. (Hebard Mount is not included, but is recommended.) 

This box answers that request.

The storage area in the front of the tray is 1 3/8" wide by 14" long. It is also felt-lined. (Only in models that do not require ortho grips.)

This box has the ability to carry all compact scopes, provided that they are no longer than 12" in length.

This box is available with a clear (polyurethane) or black interior. Please make sure to specify when ordering. We recommend the poly interior simply because you can see inside the box much better. 

- Nickel-plated hardware

- Briefcase style carrying handle

- Felt-lined ammunition area and gun tray

- 6" x 3' magazine magnets mounted on left and right side of box

- 3" wide magazine magnet across the door  (not shown in photos, but included)

- Carrying strap hardware already installed.  CARRYING STRAP IS NOT INCLUDED. We recommend Home Depot carrying straps at this time.

- Locking lid with 2 keys

- Metal feet to keep box clear of bench

- Can carry all compact scopes

- Linex coated for long life

- Lifetime guarantee

1) Right or Left-Handed? 2) Clear or Black interior? 3) Standard or Orthopedic Grip Tray?

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