Precision Pistol Box



J) 3-Gun Super Deluxe


This is the latest model of 3-Gun Deluxe. It measures 17" tall by 8" deep by 18" wide. it is a bit deeper and taller than our Deluxe model.

This model has everything the deluxe models does, which includes 3 magazine magnets, but does not have a carrying strap or hardware as the case, when loaded, is simply to heavy to

Below the gun tray area is a 2" tall (interior height) drawer, designed to carry ammunition or whatever you desire. It is tall enough for most .45 ACP boxes. 

These boxes come with a clear polyurethane interior. Black is custom only.

Maximum height for pistols is 8 3/4".

For shipping to countries other than Canada or the U.S., please contact us directly.

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