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Please remember, we are a small shop.  Thus, custom orders, which are the highest percentage of our business, take time to complete, and are typically "one off" projects.  This prevents us from putting "standard" boxes out for sale although they may be in stock.  As always, if you want a box, call or email us and ask for a specific box.  You will be placed in line and as soon as your box is done, you'll get a call.  Typical wait time is about a week right now.


Effective immediately, carrying straps will no longer be included with the case.  Quality carrying straps are few and far between, and the best one on the market right now appears to be the Husky $15.95 model from Home Depot.


All box surfaces are now coated with Rhino lining.  Previous boxes were not coated on the bottom, and the exterior coating was Upol Raptor.  Rhino lining is about ten times as thick, and is far more rugged than Upol.  In moving the shop to the Pacific Northwest, we discovered we could no longer shoot Upol ourselves.  The cost to us is almost $50.00 per box for Rhino lining, thus the box price increase.  To be correct, the customer is getting a significantly more rugged box, with the bottom now coated, and we are absorbing $20.00 of this improvement.