Precision Pistol Box



We ship UPS, Federal Express and USPS, but primarily use the Postal Service due to more reasonable rates.  Yes, we ship to Europe and Australia.  It is ridiculously expensive, always over $250.00.  Canada isn't much better.  There is no Parcel Post rate.

Sorry for the high cost of shipping, but UPS, Federal Express and the Postal Service aren't our friends when it comes to shipping anything the size of a gun box from the West Coast.  UPS and Fedex charge over twice the amount the Post Office does, and it doesn't get there much faster.

The Postal Service has those neat Flat-Rate boxes, but unfortunately, they don't make one big enough to take even the smallest of pistol boxes.

How long does it take to get your box?  If the box is in stock, it gets shipped within 2-3 days.  Most boxes take 5-9 days to reach New York from our shop in Arizona.  Parcel Post, via the Post Office, is the cheapest way to ship our boxes.  With the latest changes to the way the Post Office calculates shipping charges, it runs about $54.00 to ship a 3-Gun Deluxe to the East Coast.  Priority Mail, if you desire, on average, runs about $95.00 and will get it to the East Coast in about 2-3 days.